On September 22-23 we organized the CityHack 2017, in partnership Orange and Actility, two companies that are highly similar to us in terms of culture and engineering DNA.

Over 100 participants, including top software engineers, designers and marketing specialists from the three companies, split into 13 teams to compete in developing the best smart-city solution. In less than a day, they came up with bright ideas and turned them into working projects.

It was a good weekend for urban technology. For a closer look, check our projects or read more from our press release.

Lessons Learned

CityHack 2017 has been a practical learning experience, from tech tips to sleepless night hacks. Here are some of the best learnings:

  • with the right set of skills, a few talented engineers can put together Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, mobile apps and innovative connectivity such as LoRa to produce amazing prototypes within hours
  • very different people can instantly focus towards a single goal when they understand the stake and are passionate about their expertise
    building a strong business case – or at least usage scenarios will boost the project beyond its technical performance
  • sleeping a bit can help you deliver a good pitch the second day.