Project Description

BIN++ is a solution that aims to make waste management everybody’s business. The application tracks the type of waste and incentivizes users to participate. It works with sensors that are mounted on trash bins, allowing for quick recognition of garbage materials during disposal. By implementing a gamification system, BIN++ encourages selective disposal of trash, using a mobile app that is connected to the back-end solution via an API.

The solution leverages LoRa technology to provide low-bandwidth, low-power communication.

Technical Description

  • Sensors and LoRa transmitters mounted on trash bins
  • Mobile app allowing for trash bin identification via QR code
  • Backend software to handle user, solution logic and data management, using a PostgreSQL database
  • API to interconnect backend software, smart bins and mobile apps

Project beneficiaries

  • Local urban administration

Future Developments

  • Partnerships with brands as part of CSR campaigns