Project Description

Parkly is a solution that makes it possible for car owners to share the residential parking spaces with other drivers. These drivers can request access to those parking places at times when they are unoccupied, and they can receive approval from rightful owners. The application thus optimizes the utilization of parking places throughout the day.

Technical Description

  • RFID stickers placed on parking place owner
  • Sensors embedded in the parking place
  • LoRa beacons to send signal from parking lace to backend solution
  • Backend solution to handle users and data using MySQL database.
  • Mobile app for parking place owners and for other drivers

Project beneficiaries

  • Local administration
  • Private parking place owners

Future Developments

  • Navigation to selected parking places
  • Real time updating of parking slots status
  • Possibility to monitor both parking place and car
  • Alerts and notification for local road maintenance, emergencies (firefighters, police, ambulance), overnight vehicle monitoring