Project Description

The Predictable Ride app delivers predictability in a traffic where the arrival time of public transportation vehicles is far from a regular schedule. Waiting for buses or trams can be a lottery in crowded cities like Bucharest, where passengers can stand anywhere between 3 to 30 minutes in bus stations, unsure of when their vehicle will arrive. The app provides certainty, with an accurate estimation of arrival time and added features. The application helps users coordinate with public transportation, while also predicting point to point journey time.

Technical Description

  • GPS enabled module and LoRa transmission module positioned on bus
  • LoRa gateway that receives data from mobile units and connects with backend solution
  • Backend solution with MongoDB database support
  • Display module installed in bus stations. Provided with LoRa communication modules to receive data  from backend application
  • Mobile app connected to backend app

Project beneficiaries

  • Local administration
  • Public transportation companies
  • Private transportation companies