Project Description

Crowdly is an app that monitors crowd density in order to avoid dangerous situations that can occur if too many people gather in public locations. The system alerts the authorities in case crowds exceed a safety limit. The app also works as a crowd density forecast tool, to avoid inconvenience created by crowded commercial areas or public administration offices. Crowdly can also help event organisers monitor crowd movement and positioning, and can help optimize the flow of pedestrian traffic.

Technical Description

  • Video camera feed is analysed by image processing algorithm
  • Human count and camera ID is sent via LoRa module or via 4g/WiFi to application server.
  • Data is saved in database
  • Notifications engine on the server sends push notifications to mobile app
  • HTTP REST API communicates with mobile app and web frontend dashboard

Project Beneficiaries

  • Government agencies
  • Transportation authorities
  • Local administration
  • Event organisers
  • Retail businesses

Future Developments

  • Abnormal crowd behaviour (emergency situations)
  • Directional analysis of people movement
  • Air quality analysis in crowded areas
  • Extreme weather alerts for crowded areas
  • Embeddable code for web sharing
  • Real time mapping of video coverage (heatmap based)