Project Description

A solution that helps ambulances or firefighter vehicles to move faster in high traffic urban areas. Based on LoRa communication technology, it synchronises the traffic lights on the route and gives green light to intervention teams. The solution minimizes the risk of accidents involving emergency crews, it improves the efficiency of life-saving interventions and it decreases noise pollution.

Technical Description

  • LoPy development board, equipped with LoRa antenna and a GPS module, sending the ambulance’s location coordinates in real time, using LoRaWAN.
  • Backend server which acquires the data, then processes it within the smart-traffic light control algorithm – the vehicle receives green light when it comes as close as 200 meters to the intersection
  • LED board simulating 3 intersections – three 3 breadboards, 16 red and green LED lights, Raspberry Pi Zero, 3 Shift Registers.
  • Raspberry Pi Zero hosting a server that receives remote commands to change the state of the lights.
  • Mobile app and web frontend dashboards that display the state of the lights and the position of the ambulance

Project beneficiaries

  • Local administration
  • Emergency services managers