Project Description

The solution provides urban drivers to book parking places in advance. Besides the virtual booking, the project also features a physical lock for the respective parking place, to ensure availability at the time the driver arrives. Users book their parking place via the Android app, which physically locks the spot. When the driver arrives at the site, he or she uses the same app to unlock the place. When leaving, the sensors detects that the vehicle has left and the system automatically calculates the usage time and the amount to be paid.

Technical Description

  • Node JS server hosted on on Raspberry PI 3 board
  • Android app for user interface
  • T-lock that blocks the parking place, driven by a step-by-step motor that is connected to the RPI board
  • Light sensors to indicate whether the place is available or not

Project beneficiaries

  • Local authorities
  • Public parking place administrators
  • Private parking zone administrators