Project Description

The Pothole Sweeper scans and detects potholes in public roads, for efficient management and maintenance of road infrastructure.

The solution relies on an ultrasonic meter (or LIDAR, for more accurate readings) installed on a vehicle. Readings are made on the move and reporting takes place in real time. Data about abnormalities in the road surface is sent to a backend application, along with GPS coordinates of the location.

The module can also be placed on public transportation vehicles, allowing the road administrators to intervene as soon as potholes are spotted. Thus, roads can be repaired faster and all interventions can be prioritized based on characteristics like the traffic load, speed average, accident statistics.

Technical Description

  • Ultrasonic/LIDAR sensors located on vehicle mounted module
  • Tuino module provided with LoRa beacon to process readings and transmit data to LoRa gateway
  • Backend platform with Elasticsearch database
  • Mobile app with Google Maps mapping of pothole locations
  • Frontend dashboard with visualisations of pothole readings and locations

Project beneficiaries

  • Local administration for urban areas
  • National road infrastructure administrators for non-urban roads